Blossom, Eve

Eve Blossom is the founder and CEO of Lulan Artisans. An architect by training, Eve lectures worldwide on sustainable integrated design and innovative business methodologies. She is a TED speaker and an Aspen Institute Liberty Fellow. This is her first authored book.

Eve Blossom has created a business that successfully merges design, profit and an active social agenda. This volume offers actionable holistic models for upcoming and established designers and any socially responsible business startup.

“Blossom has written extensively about her work as a designer of beautiful things, but more so of sustainable business and systems in a new book, Material Change. The book contains stunning photography and art highlighting the ideas and people who inspired the bright-eyed, soft-spoken CEO and Aspen Fellow.” –Lora Kolodny, Fast Company


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Lulan Artisans – a for-profit social venture, a creative collaboration between contemporary American textile designers and gifted Asian artisans. It is a sustainable business that merges design, profit, and an ambitious agenda for social change; founder:

The Huffington Post ; writer and contributor – several blog entries associated with sustainability, social change, global issues, and women:


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WE’VE BUILT – Eve’s new project that brings designers and artisans together to create a beautiful product as well as a story available for purchase:

Flexi, 7 x 8.5in.
160 pages, 130 color
ISBN 9781935202455