Material Change on The Spaces In Between Blog


In a blog post yesterday on The Spaces In Between Blog, blogger Carrie Olshan writes about discovering a copy of Material Change at her local bookstore, Skylight Books, in Los Angeles.

Olshan writes, “Blossom’s work is not idealistic, it is rooted in the idea that a successful business must make money to survive. Seeking to find balance between what she calls various “threads” – social, cultural, financial, etc – that this is the future of business, and the future of design. As I set out to create my own small disruptive movement, I am constantly thinking about a few things over and over again. My need to make money so that I can sustain my own family and my desire to see, to know where my fabrics are coming from. It weighs on me that I don’t always know where the fabrics I use are coming from, or who has made them. I keep telling myself that Rome was not built in a day, and that it is important to have goals, to have ideals to work towards, and that I will get there. Because it matters. It really matters.”

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Flexi, 7 x 8.5in.
160 pages, 130 color
ISBN 9781935202455