(Re)Make America: Brick by Brick, Calloused Hand by Calloused Hand

One day after the conclusion of an extraordinarily arduous campaign season and midway through one of the worst natural disasters in recent American history, we are pleased to feature Justin Kemerling’s “(Re)Make America.” Reproduced from Green Patriot Posters, Metropolis Books’ compelling collection of contemporary posters promoting sustainability and the fight against climate change, it reads, “BRICK BY BRICK: CALLOUSED HAND BY CALLOUSED HAND.” In the book, Kemerling writes, “It’s as if we’re approaching this grand realization. Deep down we know we can’t carry on like this. With such levels of pollution, inequality and injustice, we’ll all collectively have the ‘aha’ moment, get a grip, and use our vast quantities of creativity to remake America and our world community into a bright place for everyone to call home. It’s definitely a good time to be out there making noise.”